About IP Sentinels

Managing Director – Rohan Wallace

Rohan Wallace

Patent and Trade Marks Attorney

Rohan Wallace operated a Patent and Trademark Attorney firm under the brand Rohan Wallace Patent and Trademark Services for 6 years. This has now changed over to IP SENTINELS. Rohan is an Australian registered patent and trademark attorney with about two decades of experience. He specialises in patenting IT and mechanical inventions, registering designs and the registration of trademarks in Australia and overseas. Rohan has the depth of experience and knowledge that comes from working with a large firm and now, as the managing director of a boutique firm, he has the time and flexibility to provide you with the tailored service to meet your patent and trademark needs. Rohan also has numerous connections with overseas patent lawyers, patent attorneys, patent agents, trademark attorneys and trademark lawyers in numerous other countries to secure patent and trademark registrations in other countries.

After starting his career with a small Western Australian firm, Rohan went on to spend over a decade working for one of Australia’s largest patent and trademark attorney companies. During that time, Rohan assisted a broad range of clients to protect their registered intellectual property in Australia and overseas, including individual inventors, SMEs, and large multi-national corporations. Rohan is a Fellow of IPTA, Member of IPSANZ, Member of LESANZ, Member of APAA and Member of INTA.

Trade Marks Attorney and Patent Assistant – Peter D Dojlida

Peter D Dojlida

Trade Marks Attorney and Patent Assistant

Peter D Dojlida is a Trade Marks Attorney and Patent Assistant with business development experience.

Peter’s strength lies in his ability to view IP issues from the perspective of the business owner.

Peter can assist with Trade Marks as well as mechanical inventions, having extensive real world experience with tools, materials, building products as well as all manner of machinery. He has specific experience with grain processors, farm machinery, dredging equipment and the like.

Peter has many international colleagues in the business world as well as in the field of Intellectual Property. He enjoys attending International Trade Marks Association (INTA) and Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA) meetings on a regular basis to build knowledge and foster relationships.

Consultant – Adam Law

Adam is an Australian Patent and Trade Marks Attorney with over 10 years’ experience in the field. Adam is a consultant of IP SENTINELS, assisting on matters when required. This gives our clients peace of mind that matters can be taken care of even if Rohan is absent. Adam runs his own firm which can be found at http://www.adamlaw.com.au/

Consultant – Nigel Chen – Tan

Nigel is an Australian registered Patent and Trade Marks Attorney.

Nigel works with Rohan on client matters, giving clients peace of mind that matters can be taken care of even if Rohan is absent.



  • Protecting your inventions, both in Australia and internationally.
  • Protecting your brands, logos and trade names both locally and in your overseas markets.
  • Providing other commercially oriented advice on patents and trademarks.

Your ideas are unique, so your needs are too. IP SENTINELS will work directly with you to provide a personalised service tailored to suit your needs.